Fuck Yeah Stewart Lee

Dedicated to the 41st best stand-up ever.

“The comedian Stewart Lee has become the latest innocent victim of the waves of mad violence currently sweeping the UK. On Tuesday 9th August the 43 year old comic received confirmation that all the unsold copies of his DVDs Stand-Up Comedian, Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle Series 1 and Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle Series 2 have been utterly destroyed in a fire, started by rioters, at the Sony Distributors’ London Warehouse. It is unclear wether new copies of the DVDs will be manufactured. The callous TV opportunist urged fans to order any remaining copies of the three titles from Amazon, or to snap them up in the shops, before they disappear for ever. “A surge in sales of the few extant copies of these titles would be the perfect way to teach these mindless hooligans a lesson,” he explained, adding, “There is no immediate threat to the DVDs 90s Comedian, 41st Best Stand-Up Ever and If You Prefer A Milder Comedian Please Ask For One, or to my book How I Escaped My Certain Fate, but it might be best to get these too.” The sick Hackney comedian also warned of the possibility that he himself might be destroyed by rioters at some unspecified point in the distant future, and urged fans to book tickets for his forthcoming London run of shows and 2012 national tour; “A surge in ticket sales would be the perfect way to teach these mindless hooligans a lesson.””

—   Stewart Lee mailing list. Gave me a giggle. (via bettylu)

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Stewart Lee and Harry Potter. This seems apt.


Russell Brand’s Wedding - Stewart Lee

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You have to take that material, apply a creative process to it and only then can that raw material become a comedy routine. So, given that we are artists working with the artistic process let’s have a look at the tracklisting and see which three subjects Franklyn Ajaye chose to apply this artistic process to.
Ahh, yes: ”Homosexuals”, “girls with big breasts”, and “dick caught in zipper”.


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Stewart Lee: If five portions a day are good, why are slugs so stupid?


…Perhaps our ancestor the monkey’s failure to evolve is directly linked to his fondness for fruits? The very name of the fruit fly speaks of a distinct lack of dietary ambition. The peach potato aphid likewise. Our enemy the slug is happy to live on purloined lettuce, dying cloaked in shame with little to show for its life. And a dedication to the cause of the carrot seems to have done little for rabbit civilisation, doomed to a network of stinking underground burrows or to degrading hutches in infant-school play areas.

Eating fruit and vegetables keeps you simple and stupid. It is no coincidence that they are the favoured foodstuff of athletes and sports people, simpletons who can be tricked into leaping and running upon the sound of a pistol, for no obvious practical purpose. And this is the way the Masters of the World want us dancing to their tune.”

Stewart Lee ‘If five portions a day are so good, why are so slugs so 

“If political correctness has achieved one thing, it’s that it has made the Conservative party cloak their inherent racism behind more creative language”

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